Metron Ultrasound Gel Blue 5L

Metron Ultrasound Gel Blue 5L


Ultrasounds to MRIs

The Metron Ultrasound Gel is a viscous gel that is designed for multiple medical uses from the traditional pregnancy ultrasound to other acoustic imaging procedures like MRIs or certain bone imaging, the Metron gel has what you need.


Hygienic and Safe

Because of its multi-platform use, the gel is designed to be hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic, and non-sensitizing. It will not stain clothes, damage imaging transducers, or irritate patient skin.



- Quantities include single-use packets, 1-liter dispensers, value packs, and more

- Available in blue coloured or clear gel

- Versatile gel can be used in multiple procedures

- Ideal for acoustic imaging