Sparkle Smile & Beauty by H - Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Sparkle Smile & Beauty by H - Home Teeth Whitening Kit


Using Melbournes best at home teeth whitening kits, is a great way to maintain your brighter smile and whiter teeth. It’s affordable, convenient, safe and pain-free.


Sparkle Smile & Beauty b H teeth whitening kits are registered with NICNAS to insure our clients are only receiving the best recognised products.


What's included in the kit:

- 3 x teeth whitening pens with brush applicator

- LED accelerator light

- Mouthguard

- Teeth whitening shade guide

- Instruction manual


How to use the kit:

Step 1:

Apply the whitening gel. Our easy to use, pre-leaded teeth whitening pens eliminate the wastage and mess associated with gel syringes. Just apply at the bottom/top until the gel appears, then apply evenly onto your teeth.


Step 2:

Activate the LED light. Place into your mouthguard and switch on the light.


Step 3:

After 10 minutes the light will automatically switch off. This is your cue to rinse out your mouthguard and admire your new smile! Repeat daily for 5 days to reveal teeth up to 12 shades whiter.